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Flashlight (Tool Only) - Fluorescent - 18V Li-Ion / BML184

Product #: MKTBML184
Available Online: 3+
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Ideal Uses
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The Makita LED Flashlight is built to provide light where you need it most.


Has both lantern or flashlight mode.

Comes with a metal hook for hanging for hands-free use.

Power this flashlight with a regular 18V battery.

Ergonomic handle!

Battery and charger sold separately.

  • Fluorescent Bulb: A fluorescent bulb produces light by sending an electric current through mercury vapor, which produces short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb to glow.
Battery: 18 Volt
Battery Chemistry:Lithium-Ion
Battery Life:Up to 15 Hours

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Flashlight (Tool Only) - Fluorescent - 18V Li-Ion / BML184

Flashlight (Tool Only) - Fluorescent - 18V Li-Ion / BML184

Lantern Style - Up to 15 Hours Continuous Light - Works with 18V batteries