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1" x 20' - Hi-Viz® Power Return Tape Measure

Product #: LFKHV420


Ideal Uses
  • on the Job Site

The Lufkin Hi-Viz® power return tape measure is built with your choice of chrome or Hi-Viz® orange finishing on the case. The blade (blade style A5) is protected from breakage with a patented quad hook and a built in bumper that reduces shock upon retraction. There is a toggle lock that is positioned for convenient operation and holds the blade securely in any position. This tape has a self-compensating end hook for inside and outside measurements. There is also a removable belt clip for your comfort and convenience.

  • ENGR : Abbreviation, engineer. This abbreviation is primarily used in product names for efficiency.
  • SRVG: Abbreviation, surveying. The SRVG abbreviation is only used in the product name for efficiency.
Vendor Part #:HV420
Blade Finish:Yellow Clad
Blade Length: 4.5 inches
Blade Style:A5
Blade Width: 1 inch
Case Color:Orange

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1" x 20' - Hi-Viz® Power Return Tape Measure

1" x 20' - Hi-Viz® Power Return Tape Measure

Discontinued - Hi-Viz® lightweight (but strong) case - Yellow A5 blade with easy-to-read numbers - Toggle lock - Quad Hook for in/outside measurements