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Executive Feet & Inches in 8ths Measuring Wheel

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Product #: LFKMW18TP

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The Lufkin executive feet and inches in 8ths measuring wheel allows you to measure as fast as you can walk. The wheel is calibrated to the counter (feet and inches in 8ths), which allows for accurate for estimated measurements. The measuring wheel has a telescoping handle reduces in length to 17", and fits into standard size briefcase. It's ideal for real estate or homeowners, and convenient for quick estimates.
  • ENGR : Abbreviation, engineer. This abbreviation is primarily used in product names for efficiency.
  • SRVG: Abbreviation, surveying. The SRVG abbreviation is only used in the product name for efficiency.
Vendor Part #:MW18TP
Distance Graduations:Feet / Inches
Extended Length: 26 inches
Folded Length: 17 inches
Max Distance W/O Resetting: 9999.916667 feet
Wheel Diameter: 3.75 inches

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Executive Feet & Inches in 8ths Measuring Wheel

Executive Feet & Inches in 8ths Measuring Wheel

Ideal for real estate/property measurements - Calibrated to the counter for accurate and quick estimates