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3/8” x 20' - Artisan® Diameter Tree Tape Measure

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Product #: LFKC120TP

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The Lufkin Artisan® diameter tree tape measure comes with a rugged, vinyl-covered steel case. The tape's Nubian® Chrome Clad® blade line (blade style B10) that are designed to last for years. The tape comes with an easy action winding drum and friction ishers, while the nylon rollers guide the tape smoothly in and out of case.
  • ENGR : Abbreviation, engineer. This abbreviation is primarily used in product names for efficiency.
  • SRVG: Abbreviation, surveying. The SRVG abbreviation is only used in the product name for efficiency.
Vendor Part #:C120TP
Blade Finish:Nubian®/Chrome Clad®
Blade Length: 4.5 inches
Blade Style:B10
Blade Width: 3/8 inch
Case Color:Brown

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3/8” x 20' - Artisan® Diameter Tree Tape Measure

3/8” x 20' - Artisan® Diameter Tree Tape Measure

Etched Nubian® Chrome Clad® B10 blade - Nylon roller guide - Large winding drum and friction washers