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Round Head Machine Screws - #10-24 - Combo / ZINC (PKG)

$3.71 /EA
Product #: MSP1024008RRZ
Gauge: #10; Length: 1/2"
Available Online: 6021
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Ideal Uses
  • for Joining two or more objects together
  • in Metal Fabrication
  • in Sheet Metal

PACKAGED Combination Drive
Zinc Finish with a Round head.

Pan (or Round) Head is the preferred choice for Machine Screws as they are built with a low-profile, large-diameter head that offers low clearance. It also has a slightly rounded top surface and short vertical sides. Its length is measured from under the head down to the tip. If general bearing strength is needed, we recommend that you use the Pan head. in most situations.

Zinc plated Machine Screws are a popular and economical if you are working with a pre-tapped hole and a nut. The Zinc plating is a particularly good choice when working with acidic woods like red/white oak in interiors, or when the screw is countersunk and plugged.

  • Round Head : A pan or rounded head has a semi-elliptical top surface with a flat bearing surface. It's mainly used in general purpose construction.
  • Machine Screw: A machine screw is a fastener similar to a bolts that has been built with a screw drive in the head, which allows the screw to be turned with a screwdriver.
Vendor Part #:655000000000000
Screw Drive Type:Combination (Phillips/Slotted)
Head Type:Round
Thread Count:12
Type:Machine Screw

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Round Head Machine Screws - #10-24 - Combo / ZINC (PKG)

Round Head Machine Screws - #10-24 - Combo / ZINC (PKG)

PACKAGED - Combination Drive Screws - Zinc Finish with a Round Head; #10 (Gauge) - 24 (Thread Count)