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Penetrant - Multi-Purpose - Aerosol Pump / 5-WAY *PLUS

Product #: 3MA5WAY6
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Ideal Uses
  • Displacing Moisture
  • Dries Out Electrical Apparatus
  • Lubricates, Loosens Rusted Parts, Protects Metal, Stops Squeaks, Demoisturizes
  • Food Processing Equipment Maintenance
Safety Data Sheets

The 3M 5-Way Penetrant Lubricant Plus 142 g Aerosol is built as a no VOC, multi-purpose lubricant that loosens rusted parts, demoisturizes, and protects metals from corrosion and rust. It is also for use in the maintenance of food processing equipment.


This product can be used as a lubricant to help free rusted parts.

Dries out electronics from any moisture so they can run safely and effectively.

Works as a light duty lubricant that helps to prevent corrosion and rust.

No VOC formula that is perfect for use on delicate machines and instruments!


Eye, face, skin and hand protection is not needed with this product.

A respirator may be used if desired.

How to Use

  • Push pump slowly to produce stream
  • Push quickly to produce a mist
  • Insert extension tube into spray tip to get into hard to reach areas
  • Clean up with warm, soapy water

Clean-Up and Storage

Clean up spills on skin with soap and water and dispose of container according to HAZMAT procedures.

Store away from heat.

Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

  • Compliance with TSCA notification requirements
  • Contains no WHMIS controlled ingredients
  • RA 6969
  • CEPA
  • TSCA
Container Size:142 g
Container Type:Aerosol Pump
Storage:Away from heat
Country of Origin:Canada
Solids Content:15%
Dangerous Goods:No
Physical State:Liquid
Flash Point :198 °C - 200°C

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Penetrant - Multi-Purpose - Aerosol Pump / 5-WAY *PLUS

Penetrant - Multi-Purpose - Aerosol Pump / 5-WAY *PLUS

No VOC - Loosens Rusted Parts - Protects Metal - Demoisturizes - For use on delicate machines or precision instruments to demoisturize and inhibit rust and corrision