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Crimping & Stripping Combo Tool

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Product #: GRE1923
  • The following trades find this product useful:
  • Electrical

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Ideal Uses
  • Crimping Insulated and Uninsulated Terminals
  • for Cutting Copper Wire
  • for Cutting Hardened Wire
  • for Cutting Screws
  • Stripping Copper Wire
  • Stripping Hardened Wire
  • Stripping Solid and Stranded Wires

The Greenlee Crimping and Stripping Combo Tool strips both solid and stranded wires, crimps terminals, and cuts screws.

Cuts and strips 10 to 22 AWG wire, and crimps 10 to 22 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices, and lugs.

It comes with 2 wire cutters: its middle cuts copper and the tip cuts hardened wire.

The tool has PERCISION GROUND blades that ensure consistent stripping and cutting, and double dipped grips for superior comfort and assured grip.

It's also HEAT TREATED for strength with a black oxide finish for rust resistance.

This tool splices and terminates 7mm and 8mm ignition terminals.

Note: this is not an insulated tool.

Vendor Part #:1923
Capacity:8-18 Solid AWG & 10-22 Stranded AWG

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Crimping & Stripping Combo Tool

Crimping & Stripping Combo Tool

Strips both solid and stranded wires, crimp terminals, cut screws, and wire - Cuts, strips, and crimps 10 to 22 AWG wire