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5gal. - Cable-Cream® Pulling Lubricant

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Product #: GRECRM-5
  • The following trades find this product useful:
  • Electrical

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Ideal Uses
  • Fishing Conduit
  • Installation of Data/Telecommunication Cables
  • Pulling Cable
  • Pulling Wire

The Greenlee Cable-Cream® Pulling Lubricant is a light-yellow cream made from an advanced formula that makes pulling faster and easier.

This lubricant is compatible with all cable insulation types.

It dries slowly to a thin non-conductive, non-hardening residue, and adheres well to the cable without messy dripping, which reduces waste. The lubricant cleans up easily, and is non-staining.

It won't break down or separate after exposure to freezing cold (-5°C/20°F) or blistering heat (50°C/122°F), and is environmentally safe / non-hazardous.

  • Pulling Lubricant: A pulling lubricant (or cable-pulling lubricant) is built to lower the pulling tension and friction during cable installation. This helps cable run smoothly over the surface of the conduit, and helps to prevent potential damage.
Vendor Part #:CRM-5
Average COF:0.11
Capacity: 5 gal.
PH Range:7 to 8
Standard:C/US UL Listed
Weight: 42 lbs.

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5gal. - Cable-Cream® Pulling Lubricant

5gal. - Cable-Cream® Pulling Lubricant

Advanced formula - Compatible w/ all cable insulation types - Withstands freezing cold (-5°C/20°F) / blistering heat (50°C/122°F)