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Flashlight (Tool Only) - Xenon - 18V Li-Ion / DW919

Product #: DWTDW919
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Ideal Uses
  • at the Construction Site
  • In Low Light Conditions

The DeWALT Flexible Floodlight (DW919) has a wide-angle beam that Maximizes light over a specific work area.

The flashlight's flexible neck allows you to have hands-free operation, and the light can be projected in any direction whether it is standing on its base, wrapped around a pipe, or hanging from rafters overhead.

Its lockable head clip offers versatility and convenience of a lantern.

The extra-bright Xenon bulb Maximizes brightness of the beam for better illumination.

Battery Sold Separately

  • Li-Ion: Li-Ion (or lithium-ion) batteries are rechargeable batteries. Li-Ion batteries are built to with a high energy density and only allow a slow loss of charge when not in use. Li-Ion batteries are the most popular batter type for consumer goods, but are also popular in the aerospace, military, electric vehicle industries.
  • Krypton / Xenon Bulb: A Krypton / Xenon bulb produces light with krypton and xenon gases to increase lamp life. This reaction produces a higher lumen output at a lower wattage creating a bright white light similar to halogen bulbs.
Battery: 18 Volt
Bulb Type:Xenon
Continuous Run Time: 3 hours
Net Weight: 0.5 lbs

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Flashlight (Tool Only) - Xenon - 18V Li-Ion / DW919

Flashlight (Tool Only) - Xenon - 18V Li-Ion / DW919

CORDLESS - Wide-angle beam - Flexible neck - Lockable head clip - Extra-bright Xenon bulb