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Strut Channel - 1" - Single - 10' / 316 Stainless Steel *12 GAUGE

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Product #: CBLB42SH-120SS6
Hole Pattern: 9/16” x 1-1/8” slots on 2" centers; Height: 1"; Width: 1-5/8"

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Ideal Uses
  • Hanging overhead electrical wire
  • Mounting
  • Bracing
  • Supporting
  • Connect lightweight structural loads in building construction

Metal Framing Channel - Cold Formed STRUT
√ 316 STAINLESS STEEL - 12 Gauge


  • Moment of Inertia (I): 0.0554 inch4
  • Section of Modulus (S): 0.0968 inch3
  • Radius of Gyration (r): 0.358 inch
  • Moment of Inertia (I): 0.1645 inch4
  • Section of Modulus (S): 0.2025 inch3
  • Radius of Gyration (r): 0.617 inch
1" Strut Diagram


Built with inturned lips providing the ability to make attachments at any point.

Slotted strut eliminates the need for precise field measuring for hole locations and comes in a variety of pre-punched patterns.

Excellent for individual fastening or for efficiently constructing pipe or tube routes and more!


By cold working the steel, mechanical properties are increased, allowing lightweight structures to carry the required load.

Corrosion resistance of carbon steel varies widely with coating and alloy.


Stainless steel is non-magnetic and belongs to the austenitic stainless steel group.

Strut made from stainless steel helps to reduce long-term maintenance costs, is resistant to high ambient temperatures, has a nice appearance, and has a stable yield strength and high creep strength.

Type 316 stainless steel contains slightly more nickel than 304 stainless steel and it contains molybdenum that gives it better corrosion resistance in chloride and sulfuric acid environments.

  • Strut Channel: A strut channel is a standardized light-duty structural support system used in the construction and electrical industries.
Vendor Part #:B42-120SS6
Height:1 inch
Length: 10 feet
Material:316 Stainless Steel
Thickness: 12 gauge
Weight: 1.468 lbs./ft.
Width: 1-5/8 inches

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Strut Channel - 1" - Single - 10' / 316 Stainless Steel *12 GAUGE

Strut Channel - 1" - Single - 10' / 316 Stainless Steel *12 GAUGE

12 Gauge - 1-5/8" x 1" x 10' - 316 STAINLESS STEEL - COLD FORMED - Stainless Steel Framing Strut Channel - Built with Inturned Lips Along its Length