In Depth Product InformationASTM F3125 Specification
In Depth Product InformationASTM F3125 Specification

ASTM F3125 Specification

ASTM F3125 is the replacement of 6 individual standards:

  1. ASTM A325

  2. ASTM A325M

  3. ASTM A490

  4. ASTM A490M

  5. ASTM F1825

  6. ASTM F2280

These standards have been withdrawn by ASTM Committee F16.

This new combined document has eliminated many inconsistencies and errors between and within these standards it has replaced.

Rotational Capacity requirements were moved from the body of the standard to an appendix describing in detail rotational capacity test criteria applicable to all grades and types of structural bolts. Structural bolt mechanical properties, grade designations, and marking requirements are the same as they were in the previous standards.

*1.2.1 Bolts manufactured under this specification are intended for use in structural connections covered in the Specification for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts, as approved by the Research Council on Structural Connections.


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Published: Apr 10, 2023