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Glue - Super - Translucent / 7800000 Series *GORILLA

$8.03 /EA
Product #: GOR7805201
CONTR Size: 20 gram
Available Online: 20
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Ideal Uses
  • Gluing Virtually Everything

The Gorilla Super Gorilla Glue is built to bond virtually everything together. Works on wood, metal, stone, ceramics, plastics (except polyethylene and polypropylene), PVC sheet (except PVC pipe), brick, paper, and rubber.


This glue works best on clean surfaces that are tight fitting.


Wear gloves and avoid getting this glue on your skin. It will instantly bond skin together.

Do not microwave or heat this glue.

How to Use

  • Protect work area from spills
  • Apply small amount to one surface
  • Press the surfaces together for 10-45 seconds


Approximately 1 drop per 6.5 centimeters squared.


Open Working TimeInstant Bond
Clamp Time10-45 Seconds
Light Handling1-5 Minutes
100% Cured24 Hours

Clean Up

Uncured glue can be cleaned with a DRY cloth or with paint thinner and any cured glue can be removed with a chisel, scraper or sandpaper.


  • Wipe nozzle with a dry cloth. If hard to clean, use some paint thinner and replace with the anti-clog cap.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from children and animals.

Certifications and Standards

  • ASTM D-4236
  • Glue: A substance that is used for bonding materials together that is typically made from natural plant and animal sources.
  • Adhesive: A substance that is used for bonding materials together that is typically made from synthetic materials.
Vendor Part #:7805201
Full Cure Time:100% in 24 hours
Environment Use:Indoor ONLY
Coverage:1 drop / 6.5 cm squared
Cure Type:Chemically
Dry Color:Translucent

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Glue - Super - Translucent / 7800000 Series *GORILLA

Glue - Super - Translucent / 7800000 Series *GORILLA

Can be Sanded - Instant Bond - Light Handling After 1-5 Min - 100% Cured in 24 Hours - Does Not Expand - For Use on Virtually Everything Indoors