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Sandpaper Sheets - Silicon Carbide - 9" x 11" / WSFX Series *WET/DRY

$1.08 /EA
Product #: HER911WSFX280
Grit: 280

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Ideal Uses
  • for Sanding Metal
  • for Sanding Lacquer
  • for Sanding Composite Materials
  • for Sanding Glass and Ceramics
  • for Sanding Stone

The Hermes Light and Waterproof Silicon Carbide Abrasive Paper is built for wet or dry sanding.


This sandpaper is perfect for automotive sanding applications as well as sanding primer, filler, and lacquers.

The closed silicon carbide grain is bonded with a resin to a flexible, B-weight latex paper backing that is waterproof and ultra-durable.

Use this sandpaper both wet or dry to get smooth results for fine finishes.

Excellent for wet or dry sanding!


Suitable Materials for Sanding with this Paper


Store at room temperature and away from high heat for longest shelf life.

  • Coated Abrasives: A coated abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains fixed with an adhesive to a backing material such as resin, rubber, polyester, paper, or cloth.
  • Abrasive Sheets (Sandpaper): A piece of either paper, film, nylon or cloth that is coated with a grain and bonding agent. They can be used to sand a wide variety of materials either by hand or power tool. Some can be used in wet applications.
Vendor Part #:911WSFX1500
Backing:B weight paper
Backing Material:Latex Paper
Bonding Method:Resin
Coating:Closed Coating
Grain:Silicon Carbide
Length: 11 inches
Width: 9 inches

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Sandpaper Sheets - Silicon Carbide - 9" x 11" / WSFX Series *WET/DRY

Sandpaper Sheets - Silicon Carbide - 9" x 11" / WSFX Series *WET/DRY

Silicon Carbide Grain - Resin Bond - B-Weight Paper Backing - Waterproof - Closed Coating - Highly Flexible - Latex Paper - For wet or dry sanding a wide variety of materials