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Lens Cleaning Station - 8 oz Spray - Cardboard / 600FBG *FOG-BE-GONE

Product #: MSY600FBG
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Ideal Uses
  • Cleaning Lenses and More
Safety Data Sheets

The Magic Fog-Be-Gone Lens Cleaning Station is built as a one stop lens cleaning station.


This station is equipped with an 8 oz bottle of premium Fog-Be-Gone anti-fog lens cleaning solution and two 300 count tissue dispensers.

This lens cleaner is silicone-free, fast drying and helps to stop your glasses from fogging up.

Each tissue is inter-folded and dispenses out either side of the station. These tissues are anti-static so you can use them anywhere.

Fast drying anti-fog solution for your lenses!

  • Eyewear Accessories: Items that help to protect eyewear from various types of damage.
Packaging:Cardboard Dispenser
Product Type:Fog-Be-Gone
Mounting Type:Wall or Counter Top
Silicone Free:Yes

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Lens Cleaning Station - 8 oz Spray - Cardboard / 600FBG *FOG-BE-GONE

Lens Cleaning Station - 8 oz Spray - Cardboard / 600FBG *FOG-BE-GONE

Compact Cardboard Dispenser - 2 Side Pockets - 600 Tissues - One 8 oz Spray Bottle - Anti-Static - Silicone-Free - Fast Drying - For cleaning lenses & applying anti-fog coating