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Collated Wood Screws - #8 - Square / EXTERIOR

Product #: SEN08D250W
Gauge: #8; Length: 2-1/2"

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Ideal Uses
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Siding
  • Docks
  • Tile Roofing

Exterior Flat Head Wood Screw 
✔ Exterior 
*Jug or Bulk

Built for exterior wood to wood applications, decking, fencing, siding, docks, and tile roofing!


  • Square recess provides excellent torque transmission for high torque applications
  • Flathead provides strong holding power for most wood applications
  • 2/3 thread prevents gaps between the sheathing and support studs which can cause squeaks
  • Type 17 point quickly penetrates wood reducing drive time
  • Exterior finish exceeds 1000 hours salt spray per ASTM B117

Installation Notes

  • Use a screwdriver with a precise depth sensitive clutch and speeds of up to 5000 RPM
  • Over-driving may cause a weak connection or thread strip-out
  • The drive is finished when the screw is just below the work surface


ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test

Technical Specifications

Ultimate Tensile (lbs) Torsional Strength (lbs-in)
  • Decking Screw: A decking screw is a specialized fastener designed to resist corrosion from adverse outdoor environmental conditions.
  • Flat Head: A flat head has a flat top with a countersunk bearing surface. It's available with 4 lugs to assist with countersinking, and useful for general purpose construction.
  • Type 17 Point: The type 17 point has a milled slot running along the length of the screw from the point.
  • Collated Screws: Collated Screws are fasteners connected together with holding strip. They're built to work in conjunction with a collated screw gun system to drive the fastener into a hard surface. These screws are usually used in drywall installation, deck building, framing and more.
Drive Type:Robertson® (square)
Head Diameter:0.32 inches
Head Height:0.18 inches
Head Type:Flat
Point Type:Type 17
Screw Gauge:#8
Screw Thread:2/3 Coarse
Tensile Strength (max):2160 lbs
Thread Count:8 TPI
Thread Length:1.17 inches
Thread Type:Coarse
Torsional:63 lbs-in

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Collated Wood Screws - #8 - Square / EXTERIOR

Collated Wood Screws - #8 - Square / EXTERIOR

EXTERIOR - Wood to Wood - Flat Head - Type 17 Point - 2/3 Coarse Thread - #2 Square Drive - For decking, fencing, siding, docks, and tile roofing applications