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Surface Protection - Heavy Duty - Paperboard - 45 mil / BLD38100 *BUILDER BOARD

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Product #: SURBLD38100
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Ideal Uses
  • To Protect Wood, Concrete, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Terrazzo, Stone, Tile and Carpet

The Surface Shields® 38" x 100' Builder Board™ is built to protect floors, walls, counter tops, cabinets and more from damage during renovations and moving.


Builder Board is made from 33% post-consumer materials; it is 100% recyclable and can be rolled up and reused.

This 45 mil paperboard will lay flat after being bended back against the natural curl. Then it can be connected together with tape to eliminate dirt and liquids from going underneath it.

Get points towards LEED certification for you projects by using this product.

This board has been treated with liquid shield and will repel water, mud, paint and more.

Builder Board is thick enough, and strong enough, to be driven on!


Keep away from flames or sparks as product is made of flammable material.


Specification Ranges
Low SpecTarget Spec High Spec
Basis Weight140.90143.97147.05

How to Use

  • Remove plastic sleeve
  • Place on desired surface and unroll
  • Cut to length with utility knife
  • Bend back the short end against its natural curl to get it to lay flat
  • Connect to other pieces or surfaces with a removable tape
  • Roll back up to reuse or recycle when finished

Clean-Up and Storage

No special requirements needed for storage.

Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Treated with Liquid Shield
Vendor Part #:BLD38100
Construction Type:Heavy Duty
Density:3.26 - 3.31
Thickness: 45 mil
Mullen Burst: 140 psi
Taber Stiffness MD: 1703.7 gf/cm
Taber Stiffness CD: 647.6 gf/cm
Liquid Shield:Yes

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Surface Protection - Heavy Duty - Paperboard - 45 mil / BLD38100 *BUILDER BOARD

Surface Protection - Heavy Duty - Paperboard - 45 mil / BLD38100 *BUILDER BOARD

38" x 100' - Spill Proof - Recyclable - Reusable - Breathable - Lays Flat - For use as a heavy duty protective covering on floors, walls, counter tops, cabinets and more