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Flap Drum - ALUM/ZIRCONIA / 4"-2" *120gr

$56.78 /EA
Product #: TYR34241574
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TYROLIT INDUSTRIAL ABRASIVES Flap drums are built for Metalworking.


Built for use with a drum sander, these drum flaps produce an even, more uniform finish. Excellent product for use as a first step in the finishing process as the flaps conform to work surfaces with ease.

Vendor Part Number: 34241574
Part Number: TYR34241574

Simple Description: Flap Drum 4"-2" gr120 - *USE TYR20057749 ADAPTER - * - *

  • Coated Abrasives: A coated abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains fixed with an adhesive to a backing material such as resin, rubber, polyester, paper, or cloth.
  • Abrasive Drums / Wheels: Abrasives built in the shape of a drum, with or without a mandrel, to produce fine and consistent finishes on metals.
Vendor Part #:34241574

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Flap Drum - ALUM/ZIRCONIA / 4"-2" *120gr

Flap Drum - ALUM/ZIRCONIA / 4"-2" *120gr

Flap Drum - ALUM/ZIRCONIA - 4"-2" - 120gr