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Flap Disc - Zirconium Grain / Type 27S

Product #: WLT06-A 452
Arbor: 5/8" - 11; DIA.: 4-1/2"; Grit: 36/60
Available Online: 37
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Ideal Uses
  • For use on Stainless Steel
  • For use on Steel
  • For use on Aluminum
  • Creating a Paint-Ready Finish
  • Weld Blending
  • Metal Edge Breaking
Walter Surface Technologies ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ Flap discs are built to be the fastest all-in-one weld blending and finishing discs available for stainless steel, steel and aluminum applications. Also excellent for deburring, weld removal and grinding.

Blended Zirconium Grains

ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ Flap discs speed up production rates by up to 60% saving you time and money due to their blended 36/60 grit. It reduces finishing time by quickly removing material with the 36 grit, while leaving a paint-ready finish with the 60 grit, all at the same time. Removal rate of up to 33g/min!


Cyclone™ Technology is an exclusive blend of self-sharpening zirconium grains and cooling agents, that provide an ultra high material removal rate for fast blending. This special topcoat also avoids discoloration of the work surface, giving a more consistent finish

Turbofan™ Cooling Technology is a unique ribbed plastic backing that circulates air keeping work piece cool and extending life of the disc.

Type 27S disc shape has a depressed center with a built in 5/8”-11 threaded arbor that reduces vibration and reduces the time spent on wheel change outs. Simply spin-on and spin-off disc with no other tools required. Using the disc between 4° to 10°, offers maximum contact area, creating a smooth professional quality finish. Ideal for use on flat surfaces and outside edges.

Always use a back flange with these disc flaps

  • Coated Abrasives: A coated abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains fixed with an adhesive to a backing material such as resin, rubber, polyester, paper, or cloth.
  • Flap Disc: A flap disc is a disc that is built with overlapping layers of abrasive sheets that are bonded to a central hub. As these "flaps" wear away during use, new abrasive grains are exposed to extend the life of the disc.
Arbor: 5/8 inch -11
Attachment Type:Spin-on
Backing Material:Plastic

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Flap Disc - Zirconium Grain / Type 27S

Flap Disc - Zirconium Grain / Type 27S

ENDURO-FLEX TURBO™ Flap discs - Built for fast weld blending, edge breaking and  finishing - Zirconium Grain - Aggressive material removal - Leaves paint ready finish