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Flap Disc - Stainless Zirconium Grain / Type 27S *Trimmable

$19.05 /EA
Product #: WLT06-F 504
Arbor: 5/8" - 11; DIA.: 5"; Grit: 40
Available Online: 13
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MAX RPM 12,200

Ideal Uses
  • For use on Stainless Steel
  • For use on Aluminum
  • For use on Copper Alloys
  • Grinding Welds
  • Finishing Welds
Walter Surface Technologies ENDURO-FLEX™ Stainless Flap discs are specially formulated to give exceptional performance on all heat sensitive metals; and are built to be an all-in-one solution, eleminating the need to have both grinding wheels and sanding discs. Use on stainless steel, aluminum and any copper alloys.

Zirconium grains

ENDURO-FLEX™ Stainless Flap discs remove material faster and stay sharper longer, due to their reformulated and self-sharpening zirconium grains. Making it possible to grind and sand all in one step.


Will not load or glaze providing a more consistent surface finish.

These flap discs are built to have the coolest cutting action on stainless steel and the fastest cutting rate on aluminum.

ECO-TRIM™ backing is made from natural and sustainable plant fibers. It gives you the option to trim the diameter of the backing up to 3x when the flaps are worn down, giving extended life to the disc, while being cost effective and environmentally friendly. Backing can also be trimmed to work in corners.

Type 27S disc shape has a depressed center with a built in 5/8”-11 threaded arbor that reduces vibration and reduces the time spent on wheel change outs. Simply spin-on and spin-off disc with no other tools required. Using the disc between 4° to 10°, offers maximum contact area, creating a smooth professional quality finish. Ideal for use on flat surfaces and outside edges.

Always use a back flange with these flap discs

  • Coated Abrasives: A coated abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains fixed with an adhesive to a backing material such as resin, rubber, polyester, paper, or cloth.
  • Flap Disc: A flap disc is a disc that is built with overlapping layers of abrasive sheets that are bonded to a central hub. As these "flaps" wear away during use, new abrasive grains are exposed to extend the life of the disc.
Arbor: 5/8 inch -11
Attachment Type:Spin-on
Backing Material:Natural Plant Fibers

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Flap Disc - Stainless Zirconium Grain / Type 27S *Trimmable

Flap Disc - Stainless Zirconium Grain / Type 27S *Trimmable

ENDURO-FLEX™ Stainless Flap Discs - Built to be an all-in-one solution for grinding and sanding on all heat sensitive metals - Trimmable up to 3x