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Flap Wheel - Zirconium - 4-1/4" Dia. / Coolcut™

Product #: WLT07-J 424
Arbor: 5/8" - 11; DIA.: 4-1/4"; Grit: 40; MaxRPM: 3,800; Width: 2"

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Ideal Uses
  • For use on Stainless Steel
  • For use on Steel
  • For use on Aluminum
  • For use on Copper Alloys
  • Creating a Graining Finish
  • For Light Metal Removal

Walter Surface Technologies COOLCUT™ Flap drums are built to be used as a first step in providing light metal removal and are perfect for creating a graining finish. For use on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel and Copper Alloy applications. Also good for shaping and deburring.

COOLCUT™ coated flaps

Produce a consistent finish without discoloring the metal surface, while extending the life of the product. Will not load or glaze, helping to reduce finishing time.


Made of industrial quality abrasive cloth, these flap drums are suitable for light material removal, shaping, deburring and leaving a graining finish.

Product Finish if used on a 2B Stainless Steel Surface

#3 Course finish#4 Sanitary finish#4 Pharmaceutical finish

For use with drum sanders

  • Coated Abrasives: A coated abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains fixed with an adhesive to a backing material such as resin, rubber, polyester, paper, or cloth.
  • Abrasive Drums / Wheels: Abrasives built in the shape of a drum, with or without a mandrel, to produce fine and consistent finishes on metals.
Arbor: 5/8 inch -11
Diameter: 4-1/4 inches
Material:Coated Abrasive Cloth
Max RPM: 3,800 RPM

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Flap Wheel - Zirconium - 4-1/4" Dia. / Coolcut™

Flap Wheel - Zirconium - 4-1/4" Dia. / Coolcut™

COOLCUT™ Flap drums are built to be used as a first step in the metal finishing process - Excellent for light metal removal and for creating a graining finish - Zirconium Grain