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Wire Cup Brush - 0.020" Knot Twisted Wire with Ring *For Steel

Product #: WLT13-G 304
Arbor: 5/8" - 11; DIA.: 3"; Wire Guage: .020"
Available Online: 16
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Ideal Uses
  • For use on Steel
  • Cleaning Metal
  • Conditioning Metal Surfaces

WALTER SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES - Knot-twisted wire cup brushes with ring are built for heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surfaces. Suitable for use on steel applications.


These knot-twisted cup brushes have a safety support ring on them to help control flaring of the wires. Once the wire is worn down to this ring, the ring can be removed revealing more brush life.

Perfectly balanced giving smooth action when in use.

They only work the metal surface and don't remove any of the material, which is perfect for surface conditioning, only the tips of the wires come into contact with the metal. This action finishes and hardens the surface.

These brushes are perfect for flat surface brushing and cleaning rust, scale, welds and edges.

Orange hubs are for use on mild steel, blue is for stainless and aluminum.

For use with angle grinders

  • Wire Abrasives: Abrasives built with different gauges of metal wire in a variety of styles and are used to aggressively remove hard materials.
Arbor: 5/8 inch -11
Thickness: 1/2 inch
Wire Gauge: 0.02 gauge
Wire Type:Twist Knot with Ring

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Wire Cup Brush - 0.020" Knot Twisted Wire with Ring *For Steel

Wire Cup Brush - 0.020" Knot Twisted Wire with Ring *For Steel

Wire cup brushes are built for high performance cleaning of large metal surfaces - Perfect balance - Safety support ring