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Dome Head Blind Rivets - 3/32" dia. / ALUM - STEEL Mandrel (BULK)

$44.67 /EA
Product #: USMAD34BS
Max. Grip Length: 1/4"; Rivet Dia.: 3/32"

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0.126" to 0.250" Grip Range


BULK Domed Head, Open-End, Blind Rivets constructed with an Aluminum Rivet Body and Steel Mandrel.

Rivet Diameter 3/32" - HOLE SIZE:

  • For holes from 0.097 to 0.100 inches in diameter
  • Use Drill Size #41


This Rivets' Aluminum Body and Steel Mandrel construction makes it an excellent cost-effective option.

The Steel Mandrel is plated for corrosion resistance.

Please be aware that Plated Steel can still rust and corrode. Scratches and nicks on the mandrel will increase the chance of corrosion.

Rivet Head

Domed Head Blind Rivets are built with a low profile head that is double the diameter of most others.

This popular construction provides an adequate bearing surface for most applications.

Vendor Part #:AD32BS
Body Material:Aluminum
Drill Size:#41
Head Type:Domed
Rivet Diameter: 3/32 inch
Mandrel Material:Steel
End Type:Open-End
For Hole Sizes: 0.097 inch to 0.100 inch

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Dome Head Blind Rivets - 3/32" dia. / ALUM - STEEL Mandrel (BULK)

Dome Head Blind Rivets - 3/32" dia. / ALUM - STEEL Mandrel (BULK)

Open-End Rivets - Aluminum Rivet & Steel Mandrel for a cost-effective solution - 3/32" Rivet Diameter - BULK