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Anti-Fatigue Mat - Black - 46" x 93" - EVA Foam / 70071

$23.36 /EA
Product #: CEN70071
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Ideal Uses
  • On the Jobsite
  • Around the Home
  • Helping to Combat Fatique
  • Protecting Floors and Other Surfaces

The Centrix Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Mat is built to help absorb shock and prevent the fatigue of the person standing on it.


This mat is made of EVA expanded foam rubber which is shock absorbing, water-resistant, easy to clean and odorless.

This 46" x 93" foam mat can be cut to fit into any space like around tables and counters where people will be standing for long periods of time. This product helps to reduce fatigue and injuries from standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Also great for use under heavy objects to protect the floor as well as a liner in the trunk of a vehicle or space where some padding and protection is desired.

Simply use scissors or a knife to cut this mat to fit anywhere you need!

  • Ergonomic Equipment: Equipment built to maximize productivity by reducing the worker's fatigue and discomfort.
Vendor Part #:70071
Color:Dark Grey
Length: 93 inches
Material:EVA Foam Mat
Width: 46 inches

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Anti-Fatigue Mat - Black - 46" x 93" - EVA Foam / 70071

Anti-Fatigue Mat - Black - 46" x 93" - EVA Foam / 70071

Shock Absorbing - Water Resistant - East to Clean - Prevents Fatigue - Protects Floor Surfaces - Cut to Fit