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Square Robertson Driver Bits - Maximum Recess (Bulk)

$2.06 /EA
Product #: DBR03
Gauge: #0; Length: 3"
Available Online: 90
Availability in Store:
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Ideal Uses
  • for Joining two or more objects together

The Robertson® Square Maximum Recess Driver Bits are built with Durable Powder-Coated Carbon-Steel Shanks and Shock-Resistant steel tips.


Built with a "Cling Fit" Maximum Recess Penetration Square Steel Tip!

Bits are identified by a powder-coated color particular to the Robertson Drive Size

All bits include 1/4 inch hex shanks.

  • Robertson® Original Square Drive: The Robertson® original square drive system invented by P.L. Robertson more than a century ago; it has been a popular system used for over 90 years.
  • Driver Bits: A small metal rod used in screwdrivers, drills and impact drivers that has a tip shaped to match various screw heads. This bit is then used to apply torque to the screw in order to drive it into a material.
Vendor Part #:720014400052HR07
Chuck Size: 1/4 inch
Screw Drive Type:Robertson® (Square)

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Square Robertson Driver Bits - Maximum Recess (Bulk)

Square Robertson Driver Bits - Maximum Recess (Bulk)

Robertson® - "Cling Fit" Maximum recess penetration - Durable Powder-Coated Carbon-Steel Shanks - Colored Bits