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Flat Head #10 Robertson Wood Screws / Zinc (BULK)

Product #: WSB10012FRZ
Gauge: #10; Length: 3/4"
Available Online: 39533
Availability in Store:
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Ideal Uses
  • for Joining two or more objects together
BULK Robertson® (square) Drive with Wood Tapping threads
Zinc Finish with a Flat head.

Wood screws are useful when it’s unacceptable that the fastener extends above the bearing surface.

Wood screws are threaded at least two-thirds of their length and have a sharp point for boring into wood.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to prevent splitting, you should drill a starter hole slightly smaller than the screw, and for flat and oval head screws, make sure you use a countersink.
  • Flat Head: A flat head has a flat top with a countersunk bearing surface. It's available with 4 lugs to assist with countersinking, and useful for general purpose construction.
Drive Type:Robertson® (square)
Head Type:Flat
Thread Count:12
Thread Type:Wood Tapping

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Flat Head #10 Robertson Wood Screws / Zinc (BULK)

Flat Head #10 Robertson Wood Screws / Zinc (BULK)

Robertson® (square) Drive Screws with Wood Tapping threads - Zinc Finish with a Flat Head; #10 (Gauge) - BULK