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V-Gard® Winter Liner Toque

$15.48 /EA
Product #: MSA10118417
Available Online: 48
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Ideal Uses
  • General Sanding
  • Surface grinding applications
  • in Tight Work Spaces

Get superior under-the-helmet warmth and protection with the MSA V-Gard® Winter Liners.

V-Gard® Winter Liners were designed by MSA safety with input from their customers and offer the features most requested, like true flame resistance and arc rating. retain their flame retardancy. Customers can be safe ... and clean!

MSA’s distinct liner designs mirror the V-Gard Helmet—the world’s best-selling hard hat. The MSA V-Gard brand is easily recognized and requested!

Choose Supreme, Select or Value in any of 10 different styles, including flame-retardant and flame-resistant models.

  • Stylish skullie cap (Canadian Toque Style)
  • Design prevents liner from obstructing vision
  • V-Gard Select Winter Liners can be laundered up to 50 times and
  • All V-Gard Supreme and Select Winter Liners are water repellent.
Vendor Part #:10118417
Color:Green / Black / Grey
Material:100% High-Bulk Acrylic

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V-Gard® Winter Liner Toque

V-Gard® Winter Liner Toque

V-Gard® Winter Liner get superior under-the-helmet warmth and protection.