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Torque Wrench - 1/2" Drive - 250 ft./lbs.

Product #: JET718912
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Ideal Uses
  • for Tightening Fasteners
  • For Loosening Fasteners
The JET Torque Wrench is built with a 24 tooth Chrome Vanadium ratchet gear (Chrome Molybdenum on 3/4" model).

This wrench comes with a reversible ratchet and dual ft./lbs. and Nm scales.

It's built with comfortable ergonomic handle grip that includes a patented lock button in the handle.

To indicate desired setting has been reached, there is a perceptible jolt and audible click.

All models are factory calibrated to +/-4% with certificate and meet ISO 6789 - 1992, ANSI specifications, BSEN 26789-1994 and U.S. Government Federal Specifications GGG-W-00686C

It comes complete with protective blow mould case.
Drive Size: 1/2 inch
Length: 25.5 inches
Repair Kits:PDN-JTW12250-RK
Torque Range: 50 ft. lbs. - 250 ft. lbs.

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Torque Wrench - 1/2" Drive - 250 ft./lbs.

Torque Wrench - 1/2" Drive - 250 ft./lbs.

Chrome Vanadium Steel - Reversible ratchet - Comfortable ergonomic handle grip - Factory calibrated to +/-4%