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Palm Coated Gloves - Unlined - Synthetic / 99-1-9729

Product #: BDG99-1-9729-10
Size: 10

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The BDG Synthetic Gloves are fast becoming the next generation of professional work gloves. They're lightweight, comfortable and offer you increased dexterity and flexibility.

The gloves' seamless knit liner is made up of fiberglass, lycra and nylon, which creates an economical cut resistant solution.

They're covered in a flexible HPTTM coating that resists punctures and abrasion.

To eliminate bacteria, the gloves are treated with Actifresh®.

It follows CE standard cut level 3, ANSI cut level 2.

Certification(s) / Agency Approval(s) / Compliance:CE standard cut level 3 & ANSI cut level 2
Material:Fiberglass, Lycra & Nylon
Glove Cut Level:3

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Palm Coated Gloves - Unlined - Synthetic / 99-1-9729

Palm Coated Gloves - Unlined - Synthetic / 99-1-9729

Lightweight & comfortable - Seamless knit liner - Economical cut resistant solution - Flexible HPTTM coating - Actifresh®