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Automatic Rope Grab / FP542

Product #: NTHFP542
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Ideal Uses
  • Falling from a Height
  • for Hazards
  • for Manufacturing
  • for Utilities

The North Automatic Rope Grab will trail you without manipulation.

This rope grab will stop on a lifeline even when the panic lock is held open with 2' (0.6 m).

It's constructed out of high strength materials and plated steel, which fights against corrosion for long lasting service.

The rope grab is a simple, cost effective solution for fall arrest requirements. Its unique feature is thecam lever, that is sprung to allow the cam to engage the lifeline even if the user grabs the cam lever (forcing it open) It the event of a fall. This eliminates the so-called "death grip fall" associated with regular rope grabs.

This rope grab is made for vertical applications of 16mm (5/8') approved synthetic rope only.

It can be adjusted up or down the lifeline with little effort.

Should a fall occur, the rope grab would lock onto the lifeline, arrest the fall, and suspend the user.

It has an attached lanyard energy absorber with a snap hook.

This rope grab can be used in the following industries and applications:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Hazards
  • Fall from Height

This rope grab meets ANSI, CSA, and OSHA regulations.

  • Fall Protection: A backup system to protect workers from death or injury in the event of a fall while performing a task at heights.
  • kiloNewton (kN): This is the force of gravity rating, NOT static weight or mass. One kiloNewton is equal to approximately 225 lbs.
Locking Type:Automatic Panic Lock

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Automatic Rope Grab / FP542

Automatic Rope Grab / FP542

Automatic panic lock - Vertical - Has 2' (0.6 m) lanyard energy absorber w/ snap hook - High strength materials & plated steel -