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1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades (5 Pack)

$1.98 /EA
Product #: STT11-921
Available Online: 5
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Ideal Uses
  • for General Purpose Cutting
The STANLEY 1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades let you cut and trim with ease.

These long-lasting replacement utility blades fit most standard utility knives.

They are specially engineered for general purpose cutting.

With the precision-honed edge, you can be sure of a consistent and long cutting life.
  • Handheld Cutting Tools: Tools that are powered by hand rather than by a motor. These tools can cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses.
Vendor Part #:11-921
Blade Length: 2-7/16 inches
Blade Thickness: 0.024 inch

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1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades (5 Pack)

1992® Heavy Duty Utility Blades (5 Pack)

Fits most standard utility knives - Long-lasting replacement utility blades - General purpose cutting - Precision-honed edge