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Adhesive Cleaner - General-Purpose - Aerosol / 08987

Product #: 3MA08987
  • The following trades find this product useful:
  • Automotive

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Ideal Uses
  • Removing Adhesives
  • Removing Silicone
  • Removing Oil
  • Removing Tar
  • Removing Grease
  • Removing Wax
  • Specialty Adhesive Remover
  • Automotive Adhesive Remover
Safety Data Sheets

The 3M™ General Purpose Aerosol Adhesive Cleaner is built to remove adhesives, bugs, silicone, overspray, wax, grease, tar and oil.


This cleaner works quickly to release adhesives and sticky substances off of automotive paints, fabrics, vinyls and more.

Excellent for use both inside and outside vehicles.

Breaks down silicon, wax, grease, and tar to leave a bright, clean finish.

Will not harm cured auto paint, fabrics, or vinyls when used as directed!


This product can cause skin and respiratory irritation; wear gloves and a respirator.

Do not use this product around ignition sources.

How to Use

  • Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on can rim
  • Thoroughly coat the surfaces to be cleaned
  • Wait a few minutes for product to thoroughly penetrate and loosen material
  • Wipe with a clean cloth
  • Repeat as necessary

Clean-Up and Storage

Dispose of contents and container according to HAZMAT regulations.

Store in a well ventilated area, away from sunlight and below 50 °C.


  • Xylene
  • Solvent Naphtha (Petroleum), Light Aliphatic
  • Propane
  • Ethylbenzene
  • Toluene

Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

  • In Compliance with the Korea Chemical Control Act
  • RA 6969
  • CEPA
  • TSCA
  • Adhesive Remover: Products that help to dissolve and loosen cured and uncured adhesives and glues in order for them to be wiped off or mechanically removed from a variety of surfaces.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Cleaners that are formulated to be used on a variety of surfaces so that a separate cleaner for each surface is not needed.
  • Degreaser: A chemical cleaner that breaks down oil, grease, tar, and grime off of a variety of surfaces.
VOC: 738 g/l
Container Type:Aerosol
Storage:Below 50 °C and Away from Sunlight
Country of Origin:United States
Dangerous Goods:Yes
Physical State:Liquid
Flash Point :-41.1 °C

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Adhesive Cleaner - General-Purpose - Aerosol / 08987

Adhesive Cleaner - General-Purpose - Aerosol / 08987

Solvent Based - Works Quickly - Safe on Cured Auto Paint, Vinyls, Fabrics and More - For removing adhesives, bugs, silicone, overspray, wax, grease, tar and oil