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Circular Saw Blade - 8" - 50T / 48-40-4520 *ENDURANCE™

$99.12 /EA
Product #: MWA48-40-4520
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Ideal Uses
  • for Cutting Ferrous Metals

The Milwaukee Endurance 8”, 50 Tooth Dry Cut Cermet Tipped Blade is built to cut through ferrous materials 3/32" and thinner. 


Built with precision ground cermet tipped teeth for fast, burr-free cuts.

The vibration dampening helps to reduce heat, sparks and noise resulting in cleaner, smoother cuts.

Perfect for dry cutting ferrous materials!

  • Circular Saw Blade: A circular saw blade is a toothed or abrasive disc built to spin around an arbor in a rotary motion. It's used by a multitude of saws including, but limited to, miter saws, circular saws, table saws and more.
Vendor Part #:D0724PX
Application:Ferrous Metal 3/32" and Thinner
Arbor Diameter: 5/8 inch
Blade Diameter:8 inches
Blade Material:Hardened Steel
Kerf:0.073 inches
Teeth: 50 T
Tip Material:Cermet
Hook Angle:

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Circular Saw Blade - 8" - 50T / 48-40-4520 *ENDURANCE™

Circular Saw Blade - 8" - 50T / 48-40-4520 *ENDURANCE™

Cermet Tipped Teeth - 5/8" Arbor - 50 Teeth - Vibration Dampening - Makes Burr-Free Cuts - Hardened Steel Body - For cutting ferrous materials 3/32" & thinner