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Soapstone Holder - Flat - Metal / SP400-1 *INDEXABLE

$2.30 /EA
Product #: FBRSP400-1
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Ideal Uses
  • Help to Prevent Soapstone from Breaking
  • Holding Soapstone Pencils

The Soapstone Pencil Holder is built to help prevent soapstone from breaking.


This metal soapstone pencil holder is perfect for providing a solid grip on soapstone pencils to aid in making marks quickly and easily. 

This holder also helps to keep soapstone dust off of your hands.

Simply slide in the soapstone into the holder and start making marks!

Helps prevent soapstone breakage!

Vendor Part #:SP400-1

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Soapstone Holder - Flat - Metal / SP400-1 *INDEXABLE

Soapstone Holder - Flat - Metal / SP400-1 *INDEXABLE

Keeps Dust Off Hands - Provides a Solid Grip - Easily Adjusts Length - Includes 1 Soapstone - For holding soapstone pencils to help protect them from breaking