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Driver Bit Set - 35 Pc - Impact / A-98326

$29.39 /EA
Product #: MKAA-98326
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Ideal Uses
  • for Driving Fasteners

The Makita Driver Bit Set A-98326 is built to take impacts and absorb shock when driving fasteners.


Precision machined tips with superior fitment for full contact fit and longer life. Performance-optimized S2 steel construction for extended life.

Calibrated heat-treating process for added durability. Manganese Phosphate surface for advanced corrosion resistance. Optimal geometry for an ideal fit and improved holding power.

Engineered to withstand the extreme power of high-torque impact drivers. Ideal for driving screws in a variety of heavy-duty applications including metal fastening, deck building, framing, and installing a plywood subfloor.

For use with high torque impact drivers and driver-drills. Xpand Storage System™ is removable and holds up to 50 extra 1" insert bits.

Bit keepers rotate up to 90º for easy bit removal!

In the Box

  • (28) 1" Insert Bits
  • (4) 2" Power Bits
  • (1) Insert Bit Holder
  • (2) 1-3/4" Nut Drivers
  • Driver Bits: A small metal rod used in screwdrivers, drills and impact drivers that has a tip shaped to match various screw heads. This bit is then used to apply torque to the screw in order to drive it into a material.
Vendor Part #:A-98326
# of Pcs.:35
Application:Use with Impact Drivers
Coating:Manganese Phosphate
Material:S2 Steel

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Driver Bit Set - 35 Pc - Impact / A-98326

Driver Bit Set - 35 Pc - Impact / A-98326

Precision Machined Tips - S2 Steel Construction - Manganese Phosphate Coating - Calibrated Heat Treatment - Commercial Duty Bits