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Auger Bits - 17-1/2" - Steel / NKLT Series *DAREDEVIL

$29.78 /EA
Product #: BSANKLT11
DIA.: 11/16"; Length: 17.5"
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  • Electrical
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7/16" Shank

Ideal Uses
  • for Drilling into Hardwood
  • Drilling Soft Wood

The BOSCH Daredevil™ auger bits offer leading-edge technology in wood drilling; designed for superior performance against nail hits.


A unique double cutter and reamer edge provide improved hole quality.

A reinforced spine delivers additional strength during aggressive drilling.

Wider flutes engineered for better chip removal.

  • Auger Bit: An Auger bit is built with a rotating helical screw blade (known as a flighting) to act as a method to remove the drilled out material.
  • Drill Bits: A metal rod of varying length and diameter that is used to drill holes in various materials and is designed to help draw the cut material out of the hole.
Vendor Part #:NKLT06
Flute Length: 13.5 inches

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Auger Bits - 17-1/2" - Steel / NKLT Series *DAREDEVIL

Auger Bits - 17-1/2" - Steel / NKLT Series *DAREDEVIL

Double Cut - Reinforced Spine - Wide Flutes - For superior performance against nail hits