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Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

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  • MK Morse -  Morse AT Series tungsten carbide tipped hole saws are built with a special tooth design that provides the highest wear resistance possible and VERY FAST cutting in abrasive materials. COMPARE THIS ITEM
    Please Call for Special Orders
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    DIA. PROD # 
    1-1/8" MRSAT18 
    1-3/8" MRSAT22 
    1-1/2" MRSAT24 
    1-3/4" MRSAT28 
    2-1/8" MRSAT34 
    2-1/4" MRSAT36 
    2-1/2" MRSAT40 
    2-3/4" MRSAT44 
    3" MRSAT48 
    3-1/4" MRSAT52 
    3-1/2" MRSAT56 
    3-3/4" MRSAT60 
    4" MRSAT64 
    4-1/4" MRSAT68 
    4-1/2" MRSAT72 
    5" MRSAT80 
    5-1/2" MRSAT88 
    6" MRSAT96 
    3/4" MRSAT12 
    7/8" MRSAT14 
    1" MRSAT16