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Protractor - Magnetic - Polycast / 36

Product #: EMR36
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Ideal Uses
  • Finding Angles and Pitches

The Empire Level 36 Series Magnetic Polycast Protractor is built to be a versatile tool for all kinds of angles and pitches.


Built with an easy to read dial with adjustable angle pointer and a magnetic base and back.

This handy cost effective protractor also includes an angle pitch calculator in back.

Perfect for Maintenance Technicians!

Approx. Weight: 0.5375 lbs.
Battery Requirements:None

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Protractor - Magnetic - Polycast / 36

Protractor - Magnetic - Polycast / 36

Magnetic Base & Back - Easy to Read Dial - Adjustable Angle Pointer - Transfer Angles to Within 1° - For finding angles and pitches