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Annular Cutter - 1" Depth - HSS / FC Series *SLUGGER

$55.28 /EA
Product #: FEAFC136
DIA.: 1-1/16"
Available Online: 13
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Ideal Uses
  • for Drilling Holes in Steel
  • for use with Core Drills
  • for use with Magnetic Drills
  • for use with Stationary Drill Machines

The Fein Slugger FC-Standard Annular Cutters are built to drill holes into steel.


These annular cutters are made out of M2, high-speed tool steel for longer tool life and shorter cycle times and do not require pre-drilling or finish reaming.

They are built to cut holes several times faster, easier and more accurately than conventional twist drill bits and hole saws. 

Save time minimizing swarf while producing a fine finish.

Cuts holes faster than regular drill bits!

  • Annular Cutter: Used for making fast and easy holes in steel and an excellent alternative to slower and more costly twist drill bits and hole saws.
Vendor Part #:FC110
Depth: 1 inch
Material:High Speed Steel (HSS)
Shank Size: 3/4 inch
Shank Type:Weldon

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Annular Cutter - 1" Depth - HSS / FC Series *SLUGGER

Annular Cutter - 1" Depth - HSS / FC Series *SLUGGER

High-Speed Steel - Weldon 3/4" Shank - FC Standard - Cuts Holes Faster - For making accurate, clean holes in steel