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Cut-Off Wheel - Aluminum Oxide - Type 1 / F5521

Product #: FLXF5521
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Ideal Uses
  • for Cutting Stainless Steel
  • for Cutting Steel
Safety Data Sheets

The Flexovit F5521, 14" Type 1 Chopsaw Cutoff Wheel is built to cut through carbon and alloy steels including stainless steel.


This chopsaw cutoff wheel is built for cutting a wide range of materials including angle, channel, tubing, solid carbon steel and alloy steels.

This wheel is built to cut fast with its maximum RPM of 4,365 and leaves clean, burr-free cuts.

Fast, burr-free cuts!


Wheel dust is a respiratory and skin irritant.

This wheel has been reinforced with fiberglass which is also a skin irritant.

Wear leather gloves, OSHA approved respirator, face shield or safety glasses and earplugs or ear muffs when using this wheel.


Store in a dry area that avoids excessive temperature changes.

Discard if wheel gets wet, damaged or dropped.

  • Bonded Abrasives: A bonded abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains bonded within a matrix to create a solid-like form.
  • Cut-Off Wheel: A cut-off wheel is a self-sharpening, thin, wafer-like wheel that often contains radial fibers to help reinforce it and provide strength.
Arbor: 1 inch
Max RPM:4,365
Wheel Diameter: 14 inches
Wheel Thickness:3/32 inch

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Cut-Off Wheel - Aluminum Oxide - Type 1 / F5521

Cut-Off Wheel - Aluminum Oxide - Type 1 / F5521

Good to High Performance - 14" x 3/32" - Burr-Free Cutting - 1" Arbor - 4,365 Max RPM - For use with chop saws in cutting carbon and alloy steels including stainless steel