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Lock Washer - Helical Spring - Steel / Zinc

$5.90 /EA
Product #: LWMZ4MM
For Bolt Dia.: M4
Available Online: 254
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4.1 mm I.D. || 7.6 mm O.D.

Ideal Uses
  • Preventing Nuts and Bolts from Loosening

Helical Spring Split Steel Lock Washer

DIN 127B 
Zinc Plated Steel


Built for use with hex head cap screws DIN 931 & DIN 933 to aid in preventing them from loosening.

Regular Split Lock Washer Thicknesses

For Bolt DiametersThickness
M40.9 mm
M51.2 mm
M61.6 mm
M82 mm
M102.2 mm
M122.5 mm
M143 mm
M163.5 mm
M183.5 mm
M204 mm
M245 mm
M306 mm
  • Platings, Coatings & Finishes: There are a variety of coatings and platings that can be used in the prevention or delaying corrosion in fasteners. Platings and coatings can also enchance or change the physical look of nuts, bolts and washers for projects that require specific aesthetic care.
  • Lock Washer: Lock Washers are built to prevent a bolt or nut from loosening after it has been tightened. When a bolt or nut is used with this kind of washer between the surface being bolted to, the washer uses either compression with a spring force or interlock and bite to lock the bolt or nut in place. This helps to prevent vibration from loosening the bolt or nut and causing the joint to lose strength.
  • Split Lock Washers: These lock washers are made with a split where the ends are slightly uneven from each other. When compressed, the split ends bite into either the head of a bolt or the nut depending on how it is used, this helps to prevent the bolt or nut from loosening.
Vendor Part #:Z4MM
Washer Type:DIN 127B

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Lock Washer - Helical Spring - Steel / Zinc

Lock Washer - Helical Spring - Steel / Zinc

DIN 127B - METRIC - Zinc Plated - To prevent hex head cap screws DIN 931 & DIN 933 from loosening