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Lock Washer - Helical Spring / 18.8 Stainless Steel

$4.30 /EA
Product #: LWS1888
For Bolt Dia.: #8
Available Online: 1815
Availability in Store:
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.055 Inch Width

Ideal Uses
  • Preventing Nuts and Bolts from Loosening

Helical Spring Split Stainless Steel Lock Washer

ASME / ANSI B18.21.1
18.8 Stainless Steel


Built to prevent nuts & bolts loosening in outdoor, wet and food prep applications.

Regular Split Lock Washer Thicknesses

For Bolt DiametersThickness
#4.031 inches
#8.040 inches
#10.047 inches
#12.056 inches
1/4".062 inches
5/16".078 inches
3/8".094 inches
7/16".109 inches
1/2".125 inches
5/8".156 inches
3/4".188 inches
7/8".219 inches
  • Platings, Coatings & Finishes: There are a variety of coatings and platings that can be used in the prevention or delaying corrosion in fasteners. Platings and coatings can also enchance or change the physical look of nuts, bolts and washers for projects that require specific aesthetic care.
  • Lock Washer: Lock Washers are built to prevent a bolt or nut from loosening after it has been tightened. When a bolt or nut is used with this kind of washer between the surface being bolted to, the washer uses either compression with a spring force or interlock and bite to lock the bolt or nut in place. This helps to prevent vibration from loosening the bolt or nut and causing the joint to lose strength.
  • Split Lock Washers: These lock washers are made with a split where the ends are slightly uneven from each other. When compressed, the split ends bite into either the head of a bolt or the nut depending on how it is used, this helps to prevent the bolt or nut from loosening.
Vendor Part #:1884
Material:18-8 stainless steel
Washer Type:Helical Spring

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Lock Washer - Helical Spring / 18.8 Stainless Steel

Lock Washer - Helical Spring / 18.8 Stainless Steel

ASME / ANSI B18.21.1 - IMPERIAL - Superior Corrosion Resistance - To prevent nuts & bolts loosening in outdoor, wet & food prep applications