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7/16" x 12" - Bit Extension

Product #: GRE904H-12
  • The following trades find this product useful:
  • Electrical
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Ideal Uses
  • Boring into Wood
  • With Electrician's Bits
  • With Hole Saw Arbors
  • With Nail Eater II® Bits
  • With Spade Bits
  • With Step Bits

The Greenlee Bit Extension is ideally used for boring deeper into wood. It can be used with the following bits:

  • Hole Saw Arbors
  • Spade Bits
  • Nail Eater II® Bits
  • Electrician's Bits
  • Step Bits
  • Drill Bits: A metal rod of varying length and diameter that is used to drill holes in various materials and is designed to help draw the cut material out of the hole.
D Chain: 18.5 inches
Head Diameter: 23/32 inch
Length: 12 inches
Material Master Number:50349805
Shank: 7/16 inch
Shank Type:Hexagonal
Weight: 2.9 lbs.

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7/16" x 12" - Bit Extension

7/16" x 12" - Bit Extension

Use with hole saw arbors, spade bits, Nail Eater II® bits, Electrician's bits, and step bits - Ideally to bore deeper into wood