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Interchange Nipple - Male Pipe - Brass / ARON4 Series

Product #: FVWQDARON4-4M
MPT: 1/4"; Nipple: 1/4"
Available Online: 72+
Availability in Store:
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INDUSTRIAL Push-to-Connect Nipples are built to connect to QD-INDM & Universal Series Couplers with a Quick and simple One-Hand operation.


Brass Fittings are Built for Unlimited Reusability!

*Use these fittings in many different combinations.


  • Apply thread sealant compound or tape.
  • (if using tape) Wind the sealant tape in the direction of the threads.
  • Do NOT tape the first 2 threads.
  • Hand Tighten
  • Tighten a minimum of 2-1/2 full turns past hand tight

Pipe threads must be sealed using approved thread sealant.

Fairview offers many types of fittings and adapters built to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic systems.

  • NPT: Acronym, National Pipe Taper. NPT is a North American thread standard. To meet NPT standards pipe or pipe fittings should be threaded per ANSI B1.20.1. NPT can also be referred to as MNPT, MPT and NPT(M) meaning the fitting has male threads or FNPT, FPT and NPT(F) for female threads. NPT fittings require thread sealant when installed.

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Interchange Nipple - Male Pipe - Brass / ARON4 Series

Interchange Nipple - Male Pipe - Brass / ARON4 Series

PNEUMATIC CONNECTION NIPPLES - One Hand / Push to Connect - Interchangeable with QD-INDM & Universal Series Couplers