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Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer

$1,296.79 /EA
Product #: GRECS-8000
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  • Electrical
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Ideal Uses
  • Circuit Tracing
  • for Used On GFCI Protected Circuits
  • Identifying Blown Fuses
  • Locating Faults/Opens in a Circuit
  • Locating Junction Boxes

The Greenlee Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer identifies and traces live or unenergized circuits with its advanced patented non-directional sensing technology.

It also locates and identifies the following:

  • Faults or Opens in a Circuit
  • Concealed Wiring
  • Specifc Circuit Breakers
  • Junction Boxes
  • Traces Circuits (including those shorted to ground)
  • Blown fuses

The tracer can also be used on GFCI protected circuits.

The tracer consists of a receiver, a transmitter, and accessories for connecting the transmitter to the circuit being traced or identifed.

The tracer's ergonomic receiver shows information in rich full-color graphics. The graphics and the low pitch, high volume audible signal are quick and easy to understand when tracing feedback.

The tracer also has an automatic backlight on the receiver, which maximizes battery life. The tracer's receiver incorporates patented, non-directional signal detection circuitry.

The tracer has superior sensitivity and functionality that provides accurate tracing and locating information.

With this tracer, you get user-selectable automatic or manual gain capability for fast, convenient use.

It is not necessary to rotate the receiver when following the path of the traced object, and the tracer supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to 4 miles for closed circuit tracing.

Vendor Part #:CS-8000
Capacity:0 - 750V AC/DC
Display Type:Full-Color Graphical LCD
Frequency: 15.15 kHz
Receiver Range:Up To 20 feet ( 6 m ) Live Line Mode, Up To 10 inches ( 3 m ) Open Line with Metallic Connection To Ground, 1 foot - 3 feet ( 0.3 m - 0.9 m ) with Capacitive Ground Reference
Replacement Parts:12849 Transmitter, 12850 Receiver, 10057 Alligator Clips (2), 10054 AC Blade, 12852 AC Plug Adapter, 12853 Extension Leads (2), & 12851 Carrying Case
Standard:C/US UL Listed
Weight: 4.3 lbs.

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Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer

Circuit Seeker™ Circuit Tracer

Identifies & traces live / unenergized circuits - Includes receiver, transmitter, & accessories - Transmitter-to-receiver (4 ml.)