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Angle Grinder (Tool Only) XPT™ - 5" dia. - 18V Li-Ion / DGA505Z

Product #: MKTDGA505Z

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This Makita 5" Cordless Angle Grinder with Brushless Motor is built for High Performance And Efficiency in Heavy-Duty Grinding Applications.


Built with Integrated dust screens that act as additional protection against dust, dirt and debris.

The tool's eXtreme Protection Technology (XPT) offers maximum protection against dust, debris, and liquids for optimal performance in extreme conditions. 

**LED charge level indicator displays approximate remaining battery power!

There is a battery protection system that provides over-discharge, temperature and circuit protection for enhanced performance, battery cycle life, and overall battery life. 

The Soft start feature gradually increases speed to eliminate start up shock and the Electronic current limiter protects motor from accidental overload.

Includes an improved ergonomic soft RUBBER grip that absorbs vibration, and has a re-contoured rear grip portion and ribbed grip for improved hold and comfortable operation.

Anti-restart feature prevents accidental start up of tool during battery changing when switch is locked in the on position!


The Grinder's Automatic torque Drive Technology (ADT) feature adjusts the torque and speed according to the load condition, enabling rapid movement between high speed and high torque applications.

The brushless DC motor has a high ratio of power-to-weight and size, and the motor generates less heat buildup, making it ideal for prolonged use in manufacturing / production jobs.

The following is included with the Tool Only (DGA505Z) option:

  • (1) 5 " Depressed Center Wheel (D-20797)
  • (1) Toolless Wheel Cover (123145-8)
  • (1) Side Handle (158237-4)
  • (1) Lock Nut Wrench 28 (782424-9)
  • (1) Inner Flange (224399-1)
  • (1) Lock Nut 5/8"-45 (224568-4)

The TOOL ONLY option is sold without Batteries.

  • Li-Ion: Li-Ion (or lithium-ion) batteries are rechargeable batteries. Li-Ion batteries are built to with a high energy density and only allow a slow loss of charge when not in use. Li-Ion batteries are the most popular batter type for consumer goods, but are also popular in the aerospace, military, electric vehicle industries.
  • Bonded Abrasives: A bonded abrasive is an assembly of abrasive grains bonded within a matrix to create a solid-like form.
  • Angle Grinder: A handheld power tool used for grinding and polishing surfaces like metal and stone. Can also be called a side grinder or disc grinder.
Arbor Diameter: 5/8 inch
Arbor Thread:11 - UNC
Battery: 18 Volt
Battery Chemistry:Lithium-Ion
Net Weight: 4.2 lbs.
No Load Speed: 0 - 8500 RPM
Noise Level: 79 dB
Overall Length: 14.25 inches
Vibration Level: 6.0 m/s²

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Angle Grinder (Tool Only) XPT™ - 5" dia. - 18V Li-Ion / DGA505Z

Angle Grinder (Tool Only) XPT™ - 5" dia. - 18V Li-Ion / DGA505Z

CORDLESS - BRUSHLESS - Two Stage Safety Paddle Switch - XPT™ Dust and Debris Protection - Anti-restart feature prevents accidental start up