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Tile Drill Bit - TI-AWL® Diamond Core / DCC

Product #: UCADCC1
DIA.: 1"
Available Online: 20
Availability in Store:
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Ideal Uses
  • For Drilling Ceramic
  • For Drilling Granite Tile
  • For Drilling Marble
  • For Drilling Porcelain
The UCAN TI-AWL® Diamond Core Tile Drill Bit gives you fast and accurate drilling in ceramic, porcelain, marble, and granite tile. This bit is ideal for installing fixtures in bathroom tiles, because it minimizes cracking or spalling of tile when drilling.

You can use this bit with any rotary, non-percussion, hand drill.

  • This bit is available in single tubes or handy kit with drill guide and carrying case.
  • The TI-AWL® Diamond Core Tile Drill Bits comes in a broad range of sizes from 3/16”to 1-1/2”.

Please note: Before drilling, ensure that the area to be drilled is always kept wet. Lubricate the surface at least every 20 seconds while drilling.
  • Drill Bits: A metal rod of varying length and diameter that has been cut over its length in a spiral pattern. This bit is used to drill holes in various materials and is designed to help draw the cut material out of the hole.

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Tile Drill Bit - TI-AWL® Diamond Core / DCC

Tile Drill Bit - TI-AWL® Diamond Core / DCC

Accurate drilling in ceramic, porcelain, marble & granite tile - Install fixtures in bathroom tiles - Minimizes cracking or spalling
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