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Flat Head 1/4" Phillips Super SCRU-IT® Anchor / RUSPRO® Coated

$22.97 /EA
Product #: UCASCP14134
Gauge: 1/4"; Length: 1-3/4"
Available Online: 89
Availability in Store:
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Ideal Uses
  • For Edge Distance Applications
  • In Difficult Substrates
The UCAN Super SCRU-IT® Anchor is made with exclusive scalloped threads that cuts deep grooves in concrete. This gives the anchor much higher holding power than other threads.

The anchor is completely stress free, so it can be installed close to edges, and unlike the competition, it works in difficult substrates (e.g. horizontal mortar joint).

This anchor is RUSPRO® coated to prevent discolouring due to exposure. RUSPRO® coating provides excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and road salt.
  • High Strength
  • Close to edge fastening
  • No spalling, cuts cleanly into pre-drilled hole
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Removable
  • Diamond point for easy centering

SCRU-IT® Anchors come with a SCRU-IT® box with flip-out side for easy access.

There is one drill bit included with each 100 anchors.

  • Platings, Coatings & Finishes: There are a variety of coatings and platings that can be used in the prevention or delaying corrosion in fasteners. Platings and coatings can also enchance or change the physical look of nuts, bolts and washers for projects that require specific aesthetic care.
  • Ruspro®: Ruspro® Coating is a Multi layered coating that provides abrasion resistance as well as corrosion resistance to sulphur dioxide, salt spray, acids and alkalis.
  • Scalloped Threads: UCAN Scalloped Threads are built to cut deep clean grooves into pre-drilled holes in many masonry materials such as solid concrete, block and brick.
Vendor Part #:SCP14114
Screw Drive Type:Phillips
Head Type:Flat
Point Type:Diamond
Thread Type:Scalloped

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Flat Head 1/4" Phillips Super SCRU-IT® Anchor / RUSPRO® Coated

Flat Head 1/4" Phillips Super SCRU-IT® Anchor / RUSPRO® Coated

SCREW - Exclusive scalloped threads for higher holding power - Completely stress free - Works in difficult substrates