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Hammer Drill Bit - SDS Plus / SDS

$36.36 /EA
Product #: UCASDS588
DIA.: 5/8"; Overall L.: 8"

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Usable Length: 6"

Ideal Uses
  • For Drilling into Block
  • For Drilling into Brickwork
  • For Drilling into Concrete
  • For Drilling into Masonry
  • For Drilling into Stone

UCAN Hammer Drill Bits with SDS Plus give you excellent speed, performance and endurance, saving you both time and money. UCAN Fastening Products are strictly quality-controlled to assure consistent performance.

For over 50 years, UCAN has specialized in producing and distributing concrete anchors and other fastening products. UCAN strives to provide the most practical and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of engineers, contractors, and tradesmen.

The dynamic, chisel-shaped carbide drill point rapidly penetrates material, and the patented multi-flute spiral channels the drilling dust out of the hole.

This tool is ideal for drilling into concrete, stone, block, masonry, and brickwork.

  • Hammer Bits: A steel rod that has flutes down the length of the shaft with a carbide tip for cutting into masonry materials. The bit is heat-treated to provide strength so it can withstand the hammering action when used in hammer drills.
Vendor Part #:SDS118
Point Type:Chisel
Shank Type:SDS-PLUS
Usable Length: 16 inches

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Hammer Drill Bit - SDS Plus / SDS

Hammer Drill Bit - SDS Plus / SDS

Dynamic, chisel-shaped carbide drill point - Multi-flute spiral - For drilling into concrete, stone, block, masonry & brickwork