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1/4" Chuck - 1 Pack Pilot Drill Bit

Product #: LNX1779771
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The Lenox Pilot Drill Bit is built to outperform conventional tools and bring you more value. Lenox puts it to work for you, developing tools that that make your job easier. To make sure you get the best possible performance for your money, Lenox is constantly testing their tools throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

This pilot drill bit is built for durability and strength with hardened carbon steel.

This bit starts on contact with it's slip point for faster penetration and less waking.
  • Arbors & Pilot Bits: Arbors connect a hole saw to a drill and pilot bits drill a centering hole to keep the hole saw on center when drilling.
  • Hole Saw: A hole saw (or hole cutter) is built with an annular (ring) shape, which allows the blade to cut (or bore) out a hole in the workpiece. It's usually used along with an arbor bit and powered by an corded or cordless drill.
Chuck Size: 1/4 inch
Fits Arbors:Solid Hex: 1L, 4L; Hollow Hex: 2L

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1/4" Chuck - 1 Pack Pilot Drill Bit

1/4" Chuck - 1 Pack Pilot Drill Bit

Built for durability & strength w/ hardened carbon steel - Starts on contact with slip point for faster penetration & less waking