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Adhesive Sealant - Multi-Purpose - Grey - Sausage / 550

$10.86 /EA
Product #: 3MA550FC350GRY
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Ideal Uses
  • Adhering and Sealing Materials
  • Bonding Concrete, Wood, Aluminum, Plastics, Metals, Glass and Stone
Safety Data Sheets

The 3M 550 Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure is built to bond a variety of plastics, metals, concrete, wood, aluminum, most lacquered metals, polyester, glass or stone.


550 adhesive sealant is perfect for securing wall panels on buses, trucks, boats, and industrial buildings and other construction applications.

This multi-purpose adhesive sealant has a 60-minute cure time, is paintable, and is suitable for above or below the waterline.

This product works best when used with 3M Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant Accelerator AC61.

Use with accelerator AC61 for faster curing times!


Do not inhale the fumes of this product and if you get it on your skin, wash with lots of soapy water.

Wear polymer laminate gloves when handling this product and if exposure to fumes is high then a respirator that filters organic vapors and particulates is recommended.


Bondable Materials
Lacquered MetalsPolyesterGlassStone

How to Use

  • For use with an applicator gun that has a sausage plunger
  • Load sausage into gun
  • Trim off end of sausage
  • Seal according to applicator directions
  • Cut nozzle to desired size and shape
  • Dispense product 
  • Product can be tooled after dispensing to get the desired appearance

Clean-Up and Storage

Store away from heat and sunlight.

Lock up this adhesive sealant when not in use, and dispose of any remaining product and container according to HAZMAT regulations.

Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

  • Korea Chemical Control Act
  • Japan Chemical Substance Control Law
  • Philippines RA 6969
  • TSCA
  • Glue: A substance that is used for bonding materials together that is typically made from natural plant and animal sources.
  • Adhesive: A substance that is used for bonding materials together that is typically made from synthetic materials.
Vendor Part #:7100011074
Container Size:350 ml
Full Cure Time:24 Hours
Hardness:45 Shore A
Odor:Mild Xylene
Tack Free Time:1 Hour
Tensile Strength (average):300 psi
VOC:55 g/l
Skin Time:60 Minutes
Cure Type:Moisture and Chemical
Container Type:Sausage Pack
Storage:Between 16°C and 27°C
Solids Content:91 - 95.4%
Dangerous Goods:No
Physical State:Paste

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Adhesive Sealant - Multi-Purpose - Grey - Sausage / 550

Adhesive Sealant - Multi-Purpose - Grey - Sausage / 550

Fast Curing - Paintable - Works Above or Below the Waterline - 350 ml Sausage Pack - For bonding plastics, metals, concrete, wood, aluminum, polyester, glass or stone